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my way for a north road to the Burra-Burra
mines; the north road being the best
in this part of Australia for labour of all

"Having again arrived in Adelaide, I
remained two days in it, to hear and pick up
information, so as to determine in one way
or the other as to my intention of travelling
the great north road. All were in favour
of my plan, and I started for the Burra

"Before proceeding further, I must say a
word respecting the town of Adelaide. It is,
as you justly informed me, a place where a man
may spend money more rapidly, and far less
satisfactorily than in London; swarming with
emancipated thieves ever on the prowl;
young gents from England physically
incapacitated for, and equally unwilling to take to
the Bush for work, living on their wits; in
short, it is a perfect den of villany. notorious
for its drunkenness, debauchery, and profligacy,
where (to the man without a trade,
especially,) to expect to find work is worse
than ludicrous. I was offered work at the
Port, which is seven miles from the town,
among the shipping, at six shillings a day, to
be engaged Custom House hours from eight
till four o'clock, but declined in favour of the
Bush, as every penny I earned would go in
drinking and card-playing with others
employed in the same way, or else I should be
looked upon as a black sheep. I could on
two or three occasions have made an engagement
in the town to go shepherding, but I
do not think I shall ever undertake it. I
have noticed that those persons who have
devoted much time to minding sheep have,
from its dreadful monotony, and want of
opportunity of communicating their ideas,
become dulltheir reflective and reasoning
faculties seem to become impaired from the
dreadful solitude consequent on such a posi-

"I warehoused my chest, &c., in town, as
is customary for persons taking to the Bush,
and I shaped my course to the Burra, reserving
to myself the privilege of accepting any offer
worthy of notice on my route. After walking
fifty miles on the north road, I reached the
above place, where I have now been upwards
of six weeks. Kapunda is a comfortable
little township, surrounded by copper mines.
One of these, known by the name of Bagot's
Mine, is that in which I am engaged; and I
thank God I can add, happy in mind, and
more independent in pocket than I have been
for years. When I parted from E. at Yankalilla,
he was desirous of learning from me
what success I met with in search for
employment, for he was anxious to alter his
line of proceeding, having never received one
sixpence in return for his services since he
landed in the colony. A Mr. Q. and a Mr. W.
had found him in board and lodging since he
came here, in return for work on their
respective farms; a fine return, really, in a
country where every man capable of labour
may command remunerative employment in a
variety of shapes. In short, the servant here,
in most instances, is more independent of the
master than the contra. Still every allowance
is to be made for E.; he was young and in
experienced; and, what is worse than all,
unaccustomed to work when he arrived. After I
had worked a few weeks in the mine, I wrote
to him, advising him to walk to me (a distance
of one hundred miles). He did so; I spoke
to the captain of the mine, and he was engaged
instanter. Now he boards in the same house
with me, and saves money every week.

"I will now trouble you with a description
of the life we pass working here. In the first
place, we board at a Mrs. Allan's, for ten
shillings a week, with four other young men.
She is an agreeable hostess, and her husband
an equally civil and obliging man. We go
to work in the morning at half-past six
o'clock, return home to breakfast at eighthot
chops and steaks, bread and tea, ad libitum,
constitute our meal. Return to work at nine
o'clock; back to dinner at twelve o'clock.
Hot joints, vegetables, pudding, and tea,
mostly constitute our dinner. Return to work
at one o'clock, leave off at half-past five
o'clock, return home, and, after a wash, &c.,
have our supper, of cold joints and teawhich
is over at seven o'clock. I take my pipe of
Cavendish, a stroll in the township, and retire
to bed, generally by nine o'clockrather
different from a London life. On Saturdays
we leave business at four o'clock. The nature
of our employment is somewhat laborious and
admits of variety; but, for my part, I think
nothing of it. We are paid upon the first
Saturday in each month. I have twenty-four
shillings, and E. twenty shillings weekly. Our
board costs ten shillings, and the wardrobe of
a colonist need not amount to more than five
pounds a-year on the average; the style of
dress being blue twill shirt, belt, and
mole-skin trousers; the man, with thousands, in
the bush, being scarce distinguishable by his
costume from his servant. We spend little
or nothing. Though our wages are apparently
low, things are so cheap in the way of living,
that I consider myself much better off than
at home at two pounds a week. * * *
There is plenty of employment in this country
for every man that can work, but all colonial
work is real labour; and unless a man , is
physically able to cope with it, he is of no
service. Young gentlemen are not wanted.
We want more capitalists here, and Australia
would soon develope more resources for
labour. For my part, I anticipate good
days here, but hard work; this I don't
mind, for a man may live well and save
money. Our richest colonists here made
their fortunes by the savings from their
hard-earned wages.

"This is our mode of life. Water is a great
want in Australia; it is for the most part
badly supplied and principally brackish. I

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