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gill of spirits, and a satisfactory supply of
sugar, chocolate, and tea. If his pound of
meat is salt, Jack has, in addition to it, peas or
currant pudding. He has also a weekly
supply of oatmeal, and of pepper, vinegar,
and mustard. Great pains are now taken to
secure the good quality of navy stores.

The man of war's man also receives
compensation for any loss or injury sustained in
property or person during service, whether
by shipwreck or otherwise. If maimed, he
receives a pension; if sick, he is not blistered
by a skipper, sober or drunk as it may be,
but receives the advice of a surgeon, examined
and chosen with a direct reference to his
competence for duty on board ship. If he should
become invalided, he receives such attendance
either in his own ship or in a naval
hospital, and his pay is not stopped; he is
considered to be still engaged in active service.

When his ship is paid off, the man of war's
man has a leave of absence, commonly of six
weeks, during which his pay continues; and
the time is still reckoned as time of service.
He can obtain free teaching for his children
in the schools of Greenwich Hospital, and,
for himself hereafter, an asylum at Greenwich,
if it become needful, in addition to
the pension that he will have earned.

The merchant-seaman claims his wages
when the voyage is over. The man of war's
man is entitled to a monthly allowance of
pocket-money; and if he should wish to allot
any portion ot his wages to the support of
friends at home, he can rely upon the allotment
being paid with rigid punctuality.

But what are the wages of the man of
war's man out ot which he is to allot
anything to friends at home? Merchant-seamen
are considered to have better pay; and seamen
engaged in the coasting trade, which provides
constant employment, really do make greater
yearly earnings. But, it is found that the
men who serve in foreign-going ships pass,
on an average, three months of the year
ashore, spending instead of earning money;
and that, though they can now earn three
pounds a month, they are employed, taking
one man with another, only nine months
in the year. Twenty-seven pounds a year,
therefore, is the average income of
merchant seamen, if no deduction be made from
it in fines or for the cashing of advanced
notes. If a man should not prove an able
seaman he is liable to a reduction of his rating.
Now, the seaman in the navy suffers no
deductions, and is troubled with no vacant
months. If sick, or if ashore, his pay
continues. By entering for ten years certain,
he is assured the regular receipt of yearly
pay, without any abatement. His yearly
wages are two shillings under twenty-nine
pounds; after ten years' service he is
qualified to retire upon sixpence a day as a
pension: which he may receive while following
any other calling that he likes, or, if he will,
while sailing under merchant flags. After
fifteen years of service, he is qualified to
receive eightpence a day; these pensions are
granted at the discretion of the Admiralty.
After twenty years of service, the navy seaman
is qualified to receive a pension of about
a shilling a day, which it is in no man's
discretion to deny him. Since, therefore, he
may enter the service at the age of eighteen,
a man who has so entered may, at the age
of thirty-eight, while still young, retire,
having earned a pension of eighteen or nineteen
pounds a year for life, in aid of whatever
else he may do for his living, and with his
head well stored, not only by experience, but,
if it has so pleased him, by book-knowledge;
for, the man of war's man has always on
board the use of a library and a school-

In addition to the certain prospect of a
pension, the seaman in the navy who
distinguishes himself by good conduct earns
badges which add from half-a-crown to nearly
eight shillings a month to his pay; he has
also fair hope of promotion, should he
deserve it, at least up to the rank of a chief
petty officer. In case of war, his share of
prize-money will be in future larger than it
has hitherto been; the claims of the seaman
being now, in that respect, more justly
acknowledged. The merchant-seaman enjoys
none of these advantages. He has no pension
in prospect; by paying a shilling a week to
his fund, he has nothing more to hope for, than
three pounds eight shillings a year, when he
is a worn-out man, or when he has passed
the age of sixty.

Such being the facts, it is impossible to
suppose that any difficulty will be felt in
obtaining sailors for the service of the country.
Experience has proved the wisdom of these
salutary changes. No difficulty is felt. There
will be no future need for the power of
impressment. It is dead; we demand for it
that it be buriedand speedily.

                         DIED IN INDIA.

WEEP not, O friends, weep not that she has faded;
    One tender flower beneath a burning sky;
Weep not that death her loveliness has shaded;
    Perchance she found it easier to die
Than to live on in a strange alien land,
A tender link snapped from her household band.

Perchance her loving heart, in that far dwelling,
    Drooped for the gentle sunshine of her home;
And through her breast, with every fevered swelling,
    Some sorrowing memory of the past would come:
And, when life's shadow deepened o'er her way,
She pined in vain for loved ones far away.

Therefore, kind Death, for very love and pity,
   First chilled her throbbing brow with his cold hand;
Then led her gently through his silent city
   On to the portals of a radiant land;
Watched while the angels twined her fadeless wreath,
Then left her.—It was not thy shore, O Death!

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