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PERSONS of quality, and others, who visit
the various "gifted media" now in London,
or receive those supernaturally endowed
ladies at their own houses, may be glad to
hear how the spirit business has been doing in
America. Two numbers of THE SPIRITUAL
TELEGRAPH, a newspaper published in New
York, and "devoted to the illustration of
spiritual intercourse," having fallen into
our hands, we are happy to have some
means from head-quarters of gratifying the
laudable curiosity of these philosophical

In the first place, it is gratifying to know
that the second volume of that admirable
publication, THE SHEKINAH, was advertised last
Fall, containing "Psychometrical sketches of
living characters given by a lady while in the
waking state, who derives her impressions by
holding a letter from the unknown person
against her forehead." To this remarkable
journal, "several distinguished minds in
Europe are expected to contribute
occasionally." It appears, however, scarcely to
meet with sufficient terrestrial circulation;
the editor being under the necessity of
inquiring in capitals, " SHALL IT HAVE A
AND ITS CHARACTER?" We also observe with pleasure
the publication of a fourth edition of "The
Pilgrimage of Thomas Paine and others, to
the sixth circle in the Spirit World, by the
Reverend Charles Hammond, Medium, written
by the spirit of Thomas Paine without Volition
on the part of the medium."

Also the following publications: "A Chart
exhibiting an outline of progressive
history, and approaching destiny of the race.
A. J. D. Can be sent by mail." "The
Philosophy of Spiritual Intercourse. Light
from the Spirit World, comprising a Series
of Articles on the Condition of Spirits and
the development of mind in the Rudimental
and Second Spheres; being written by the
controul of Spirits." We are further
in debted to a gentlemanwe presume a mortal
of the name of Coggshall, for "The Signs
of the Times, comprising a History of the
Spirit Rappings in Cincinnati and other
places." The Reverend Adin Ballou has
been so obliging as to favor the world with

his " Spirit Manifestations;" and a Medium,
of the gentle name of Ambler, has produced
the " Spiritual Teacher," from the dictation of
a little knot of choice spirits of the sixth

As a counterpoise to the satisfaction these
spiritual literary announcements are calculated
to inspire, we regret to perceive that some
men have been at their old work of blinking at
the light. This melancholy fact is made known
to us through the "medium" of a paragraph,
headed "BEHIND THE DOOR;" from which
we learn with indignation that "a good
Presbyterian brother in Newtown, Conn.:"
with that want of moral courage which is
unhappily characteristic of the man, is
accustomed to read the Telegraph in that furtive
situation, bringing down upon himself the
terrible apostrophe, "Read on, brother, until
thy spirit shall receive strength sufficient to
enable thee to crawl from thy hiding-place."
On the other hand it is a consolation to know
that "we have, out in Ohio, a little girl who
writes fonography interspersed with celestial
characters." We have also "Mrs. S., a gifted
friend," who writes, "I may at some future
time draw upon the storehouse of memory
for some Spiritual facts which have long
slumbered there; fearing the scoff of the skeptic
has hitherto kept me silent, but I believe
there is a time now dawning upon us when
we shall no longer hide the light given us,
under a bushel." This gifted lady is supplied
with a number of papers, but has none
that she greets so cordially as the Telegraph,
which is "loaned" her by a friend. "It
ministers," says she, modestly, " to my spiritual
and higher nature which craves a kindred
aliment, and which, in past years, has nearly
starved on the husks and verbiage dressed
up by the sensuous and unbelieving in
spiritual illumination." Mrs. Fish and the Misses
Fox were, at the date of these advices, to
be heard of, we rejoice to state, at number
seventy-eight, West Twenty-Sixth street,
where those estimable ladies "entertain
strangers" on three evenings in the week from
eight to ten. The enlarged liberality of MR.
SPIRITUAL PHENOMENA, is worthy of all
imitation, and proves him to be game indeed. Mr.
P. was of opinion, when last heard of, that

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