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season of the year. It is then to be preferred
to Hastings. The Undercliif of the Isle of
Wight forms a refuge suitable for delicate
invalids throughout the year; it is well
sheltered, has a mild equable climate and a
dry soil. It is not so moist and relaxing, and
it is more equable than the climate of
Torquay. Consumptive patients find a
residence at the Undercliff most advantageous
during the half-year from November until

The climate of our south-west coast is
mild, soft and moist. For a large class of
people it is too relaxing. Its winter
temperature is nearly two degrees higher than that
of the places just mentioned, and three or
four degrees higher than that of London.
During the depth of winter, it is in sheltered
places, even five degrees warmer than London.
This climate best suits consumptive patients
who have a dry cough without much expectoration.
It suits also some dyspeptics. In
all old standing disease, attended with
copious secretion, and to weakly people who
perspire much, a residence on this coast will
be probably injurious. Torquay is in just
repute as the driest place of resort upon this
coast. Though it has the soft moist
atmosphere peculiar to the district, it is almost
entirely free from fogs. The warmest spot
upon this coast is Salcombe.

The climate of the south coast of Cornwall
differs from that just described only in being
moister, and more exposed to winds. It is
more relaxing; Penzance is exposed to north-
east winds during the spring month, and
maintains, throughout the year, an English
climate that is unusually equable. Its winter
is five degrees and a half warmer than that
of London; its summer is two degrees
colder. Its spring is only a trifle warmer
than the London spring; but it escapes the
chills of autumn, gaining upon us then the
advantage of about two-and-a-half degrees of

The coast climate of the places bordering
the British Channel is generally not quite
so warm as that of the south coast during the
winter; but it is a trifle warmer during
spring. It is less moist and relaxing. That
of Clifton is perhaps the mildest and the
driest in the west of England, It is bracing
enough to be well suited for people with
relaxed constitutions who exhale and secrete
copiously. It is supposed to be the best
climate in England for the scrofulous.

These English climates are enough for us
to specify. They serve as examples of the
principle by which invalids and healthy
people may be guided in the selection of a
place that shall provide for them the best
possible change of air. The explanations
here given are very rough; but the study of
climate really provides a wide field for
minute and philosophical investigation. It
will hereafter acquire dignity. Physicians
now pay every year increased attention to the
means rather of preserving than restoring
health; and it is certain that so powerful a
means of acting on the human frame, by
regulating the supply to it of the healthy
stimulants of life, as that furnished by
removal from one climate to another, will
thus inevitably come to be found more and
more worthy of careful study,


It is an antediluvian observation that men
are what their circumstances make them:
which original observation I have been
recently making in defence of the Neapolitans.
That their moral perceptions or habits
are not of the highest order every one (who
knows them) says, and what every one says
must be true; yet hence to conclude that
there is a natural predisposition to evil in
them, would be as absurd as to conclude that
there is a natural predisposition to eat
maccaroni in them. The fact, I fear, however, I
must admit after a long residence in Naples,
that with very quick talents and very great
good nature, there are generally intermixed
many of those low qualities which spring
from the want of a regard to truth and
honor. As this deficiency may in a great
measure be attributed to the r├ęgime under
which they live, I shall try to throw my
lantern-ray of light upon it.

Rome was deserted by foreigners, and
swarming with Romanswho, by the by,
come out with the fleaswhen I
determined to go farther south, and try the cool
breezes of the Mediterranean. To determine
and to act, however, do not stand in so close a
relation in Italy as in England, so it happened
that it was not until three days later, that I
found myself on the Neapolitan frontier, I
was asleep at the moment; but the shouting
of the postilions, the continued cracking of
their whips, and the withdrawing of the chain
awoke me; and poking my head, between
sleeping and waking, through the window, I
nearly knocked over a soldier, who was standing
on the wheel and going to poke his head in,

"Passports, Signori,'' was the first demand;
which was no sooner complied with than
another soldier made his appearance; and,
walking us out of our carriage, began to rifle
and thump the cushions, and the pockets, and
the wadding. Meantime half-a-dozen of those
ragged and licensed ruflians, who swarm in
Italy under the name of Facchini or porters,
had mounted on the top of our coach, and
were uncording a mountain of boxes. After
dancing attendance during what at midnight
appeared an unreasonably long time, our
first soldier made his appearance, and with a
profound bow, having presented our passports,
drew himself up in a stand-at-ease position.
It was easy to see that the man was waiting
for a botteglia as all presents are called in this
country, which of course we gave; but, the
amount being smaller than his expectations,

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