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solidity to break the seaa most ingenious
and scientific principle."

The wave screen, as Mr. Calver has planned
its construction, would cost, he believes, in its
most expensive form, two hundred and fifty
thousand pounds a mile, and a mile of wave
screen could be built in about two years.
Cherbourg breakwater has been sixty or
seventy years in building; Plymouth is not
yet finished.


OF all his pupils, I flatter myself, that
there was none whom Segment of John's had
a greater esteem for than me. He was my
university coach for two long vacations and
six terms, and carried me up from the levels
of mere arithmetic to dizzy heights from
which we looked down upon conic sections as
upon a green hill watered by the pure

I verily believe that I should have been a
poetand, indeed, the reader of the above
sentence may have already detected the
natural tendency of my dispositionif it had
not been for the intervention of Segment;
and I am proportionally grateful to him upon
that account, as who (with the gift of a
logical mind) would not be? There is not a
yard of the Trumpington road but he and I
have trodden it, in company, a score of times,
and always at such a pace as is practised
elsewhere only in the Copenhagen Fields;
there is not an angle of the Gogmagogs but
we have subtended it together, often and
often, nor (as in the case of Mr. Malcolm
Graham and Ben Lomond) did a single sob
confess our toil. We were both, indeed, good
walkers, and had proved it many a time upon
the snowy Alps, as well as on the more
modest elevations to which I have just
referred. I was one of that party (whose
reputation I may almost say is European) which
Segment took into the south of France one
Long, and five of whom were among the
Twelve Apostles in the next mathematical
Tripos. They certainly deserved that
distinction if application to their studies and
exclusion from their minds of all subjects
of a foreign or (as they expressed it)
unpaying character, should have earned it for

Young Cosinewho was second wrangler,
and no wonder,—averred that he really had
not observed whether the people, among
whom he there resided for three months,
spoke French or not; but when he had
taken his degree, and had time to think of it,
he supposed it could not have been English.
Nevertheless, we remaining nine (for the
party consisted of a round dozen besides our
respected coach) led a very jolly life indeed
among these alien scenesor, as Bullswipe
terms them to this day, in "them foreign

Segment had promised Bullswipe père to
take care of his hopeful offspring, and hence
the strange, but not unwelcome, addition of
that fast and noisy, but kindly and athletic,
young freshman to our somewhat steady-
going lot. The poor lad could never be
got to bring out the accurate result of
even a multiplication sum in pounds,
shillings, and pence, and now he is roaming
about the wide world (with two horses
and a groom, however, and fifteen hundred
a-year, left him by an aunt), boasting to
everybody he meets that Segment of John's
was his private tutor, and that he himself
would surely have been a wrangler, but that
his health broke down. If you can imagine
the tougher of the two hippopotami in the
Regent's Park afflicted with a nervous
headache, you may possibly conceive Bullswipe in
delicate health. He made a bet with a French
officer that he would walk from Heely to
Toe Caster (a distance of more than a
hundred miles), literally as the crow flies,
steering by compass, and deviating neither to
the right nor to the left, piercing through
wood and swimming over river, though path
or bridge might be close at hand, like an
escaped lunatic, and to the extreme astonishment
of the natives. The diversion, however,
in which he took the highest delight was
cricket, which he played almost every day in
a field which he had hired outside the town.
When he could not get up a side, he would
play by himself with a catapult, and a wall
of network behind him; at which phenomenon
the eyes of the aborigines almost came
out of their heads. The French have the
credit of being a polite nation; but I certainly
never saw people stare as they did. We
attempted to convert the poor benighted
folks to our national game; but without the
smallest success. I think they suspected the
astute Segment of some political motive, and
detected a characteristic perfidiousness even
in the open British countenance of Bullswipe.
That young gentleman's fast bowling was of
so tremendous a description, that a paternal
government absolutely interfered on behalf
of its children, and a cordon of French
gensd'armes surrounded the cricket-field in
play hours to keep off the populace from
a too dangerous proximity. Those small
armed men keeping watch upon our good-
tempered, defenceless, and, indeed, almost
naked athlete, are still, I am delighted to say,
to be seen in my book of photographs. The
respectable Segment was often not a little
discomposed by the conduct of his young
pupil; who carried him about from scrape to
scrape, as a powerful dog drags along, into
every hole and corner, his chain and the other
dog at the end of it.

It was to the pupil, however, that some
of us, upon our way home, were indebted
for food and shelter when the coach had
given over the attempt to procure them as
hopeless. Wet, weary, and hungry, we had
arrived one evening at a small inn in an

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