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Following on from our successful A Tale of Two Cities reading and blogging project last year, join us to read Wilkie Collins's No Name week-by-week, as the novel's first readers did, in Dickens's journal All the Year Round. We'll follow this sensational tale of illegitimacy, deception, disguise and revenge through its regular short weekly instalments for 45 weeks. We start on Friday 15 March 2013 (to coincide with the 1862 publication date) and we'll read our final instalment on the week of 17 January 2014. Participants can read the instalments in their magazine form via Dickens Journals Online and we'll share our responses in an online reading group/blog. 

Click here to view the weekly parts of No Name

Click here to view the No Name reading project blog

We hope that the project will introduce readers to this wonderful, exciting novel and to All the Year Round, and that posts will help us all to see new things in Collins's writing. The context of All the Year Round should help us to make connections with other events of the period, Dickens's concerns as a journalist and editor, and other authors of the time. We'll get an insight into the serial reading so familiar to Victorians, which we've lost sight of with our paperback and Kindle versions, and have a chance to reflect on how reading in instalments changes the way we interpret and respond to the novel.

If you'd like to join the group, please email your interest to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please resist the temptation, though, to read ahead with the novel!

We look forward to reading with you! 

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